DPF Regeneration is your one source for diesel filter cleaning, repair and emission supplies.

DPF Regeneration operates nationwide including Hawaii, and Canada.

Your one source for diesel filter cleaning, repair and emission supplies.

Operating Nationwide including Hawaii, and Canada.

Why people trust
the DPF Regeneration team and our services.

We only use the most advanced cleaning and regeneration processes and equipment available, applying best practices approved for maintenance and regeneration by the manufacturers of diesel particulate filters and aftertreatment system components.

Your satisfaction is garanteed.

One-Box Unit Replacement:
Fast, Affordable Solutions!

Don’t overpay or wait many months to receive brand new one-box systems or parts — we can recondition and replace one-box exhaust after treatment units to function as good as new, offering you incredible cost and time saving advantages! DPF Regeneration is equipped with all the best machinery and processes approved by OEMs and provide express service to meet your more urgent needs.

About our DPF Cleaning Services

Our DPF Regeneration and Cleaning facility specializes in the cleaning, repair and replacement of diesel particulate filters and catalysts for all applications. Our machines are capable of handling any size and style filter or catalyst on the market. We offer competitive rates, a fast turn around, and professional service to our customers.

DPF Regeneration Keeps You & Your Business Rolling

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Commercial Transit Properties

We have perfected diesel filter maintenance solutions for transit companies of all sizes: Coach buses, town shuttles, etc.

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Diesel Dealerships

We service your vehicles' emission control systems to make them ready for the sales floor.

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Fleet Management Companies

Fleet maintenance solutions fit for your needs, complete tracking to simplify your operations.

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Off-Road Vehicles

We service emission control components of off-road vehicles mainly used by construction and agricultural companies.

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Municipal Fleets

School buses, emergency responders, sanitary services, we are equipped to maintain them all.

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Individual Vehicle owners

From your personal pick-up to your European car, we have solutions fit for your diesel vehicle.

DPF Regeneration - Emission Services

DOC & DPF Cleaning

Our facility is equipped with the latest pneumatic, thermal and liquid solution cleaning technology approved by diesel particulate filter manufacturers.

DOC & DPF Repair

We have great success in repairing cracked filters and damaged thread hole, allowing them to remain in service for many years without failure.

EGR Coolers & Valves

Our filter cleaning machines can extract all soot from EGR valves and coolers, as well as SCR assemblies that have become contaminated due to a breached DPF.

Catalytic Mufflers

Our advanced cleaning process removes all carbon deposits from your muffler and will restore the gas flow that the exhaust system was designed for.

Charge Air Coolers

Our equipment can safely clean carbon or sulphurous deposits that cling to the fins of the CAC over time, helping increase its efficiency and extend its lifetime.

DEF Decomposition Reactors

We use a special cleaning process to remove all solid urea deposit in the aftertreatment system’s decomposition reactor, caused by incomplete decomposition of diesel exhaust fluid.


New OEM, Reman OEM, Aftermarket Filters, Catalysts & Much More!

DPF Regeneration carries a very extensive inventory at competitive prices, and are key licensed dealers for many top industry manufacturers, so we can help you find exactly what you need quickly. See all product categories we carry below.

Diesel engine intercoolers and more by top brands like BOSCH, CUMMINS, AV-TEKK & more.
Diesel engines for different types of vehicle from top brands like CUMMINS, YANMAR & more.
All types of diesel fuel additives from stabilizers, to injector detergents, corrosion inhibitors & more.
Diesel engine parts from top brands like CUMMINS, PERKINS, YANMAR, FP DIESEL & more.
DPFs, DOCs and many more after-treatment components from top brands like CUMMINS, BOSCH & more.
Diesel fuel filtration products from top brands like BOSCH, MANN FILTER & many more.
All types of injection systems from brands like BOSCH, CUMMINS, YANMAR, DENSO & more.
Batteries, alternators and other electrical components from brands like BOSCH, DENSO, HITACHI and more.
Diesel fuel system testing equipment by top brands like BOSCH, HARTRIDGE and OTC.
Turbochargers for all types of diesel engines vehicles from top brands like CUMMINS, HOLSET & more.

Some of the many brands we work with:


What our clients have to say about the DPF cleaning and regeneration services we provide.

DPF Regeneration actually cares about their customers as well as the entire trucking community. They are very active in promoting activities and programs that benefit all drivers.
— Jeff Homles
Regular Customer
DpfRegeneration is top notch. Great company to work with. They care about the trucking industry.
— Scot Marone
Industry Partner
Awesome company and great people !!! Be sure and check them out. They will take care of your DPF needs.
— Dave Gore
DPF Customer
Absolutely awesome people who care about Truckers.
— Bill Weaver
DPF Customer
I left this rating because I do think this is an excellent company that provides a phenomenal service. . . . Support DPF…..they do great work and take very good care of their clients!!!
— Joseph Lanno
DPF Customer

What Drives You Drives Us.

Our tight-knit team of people at DPF Regeneration makes the difference. We care about the quality of our air, the success of our clients and the entire trucking community. From keeping you and others safe on the road, to helping your business save money and reducing the environmental impact of diesel vehicles, we are passionate and proud of what our thoughtful, heavy-duty work accomplishes every day.