One-Box Aftertreatment System Replacement

We can recondition and replace one-box exhaust aftertreatment units, offering you incredible cost and time saving advantages!

Don't overpay for a brand new one-box unit There's a smart, safe, and super affordable solution!

We know that brand new parts from original manufacturers don’t come cheap. When it comes to one-box aftertreament systems — which combine DPF/DOC, SCR and DEF injector into a single unit — these can sometimes run up to 16K!

Luckily, we have a much better way. Our team offers remanufactured one-box units that will run as good as new without running up an oversized bill! We are equipped with all the best machinery and processes approved by OEMs to recondition the parts you need, making them replaceable for a fraction of the cost of brand new ones!

Reman One-Box units Starting at only $1800!

One-Box units replaced in days, not months!

Don't wait months for a brand new one-box unit We have a much faster solution!

Nowadays, it’s not unlikely to wait up to 6 months for a one-box unit system or part to arrive. OEM cannot meet the demand, and too many are stuck waiting and wasting time due to multiple backorder delays.

Luckily, we could save you a ton of money and time too! We can get you up and running much, much quicker for a whole lot less with our remanufactured one-box units and components! Bring yours in, or see what we’ve got all ready to go — It will only take days, not months.

Need to replace your One-Box aftertreatment unit? Avoid overpaying. Skip the endless wait.