Emission Services

We Professionally clean and regenerate all diesel particulate filters
and catalysts on the market for all applications

Emission Services


We have been very successful at saving cracked filters that would ordinarily be scrapped out, saving our customers a great deal of money. Cracked DPF Filters we have repaired have been in service for years without failure.

You will get back your filter, not an exchange, OR previously used filter with no documentation as to how long it was in service.

Your filter will receive 2 thermal regenerating cleanings to assure full air-flow and suggested manufacturers back-pressure to your filter.

To certify the ash and soot removed from your filter was disposed of under current EPA Regulations, You will receive a “CERTIFICATE OF DISPOSAL”.

Your filter will be tracked and data logged into our software system for the life of the filter.

DPF Regeneration.com will provide you with a Special Shipping Container, if needed.

You are being offered the most current and up to date cleaning and regenerating service available to receive the longest service life for your diesel particulate filters.