Diesel Emission Services

Our growing network operates across the northeast states and can provide diesel emission services to clients nationwide including in Hawaii, and in Canada.

If you manage diesel fleets or own diesel vehicles of any kind, you know the importance of having reliable diesel emission experts keeping you and your business rolling efficiently and safely at all times, at advantageous rates.


At DPF Regeneration, we follow the highest industry standards and use the most advanced equipment available to provide a full range of cost-effective solutions for regenerating your diesel emission components.

DOC & DPF Cleaning

Our facility is equipped with the latest pneumatic, thermal and liquid solution cleaning technology approved by filter manufacturers. We are capable of cleaning all diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts — even those that are oil soaked due to a blown turbo, and antifreeze fouled ones due to a failed EGR cooler.

DOC & DPF Repair

Think your filter is ready to be scrapped out? Let our filter and catalyst refurbishing experts have a look and possibly help you save money on costly new parts. We have great success in repairing oil soaked filters, cracked filters, and damaged thread hole where the temperature sensors are located, allowing them to remain in service for many years without failure.

One-Box Units

Don’t overpay or wait many months to receive brand new one-box systems or parts — we can recondition and replace one-box exhaust aftertreatment units to function as good as new, offering you incredible cost and time saving advantages! We are equipped with all the best machinery and processes approved by OEMs and provide express service to meet your more urgent needs.

EGR Cooler & Valve Cleaning

Catalytic Mufflers

Charge Air Coolers

DEF Decomposition Reactors

The DPF Regeneration Guarantee

Here at DPFRegeneration.com, all exhaust emission components are cleaned to manufacturer specifications of a new model component.


Provided there are no underlying issues causing your system to fail, you can expect your cleaned component to have a lifecycle comparative to its original and initial installation.


To assist our clients in locating any underlying issues that could cause a system to fail, we also perform a “SNAP TEST”, during the cleaning process.

The “SNAP TEST” can reveal problems such as: