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TESTIMONIALS for DPFRegeneration.com

What our customers have to say about the diesel filter cleaning and regeneration services we offer.

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DPF Regeneration actually cares about their customers as well as the entire trucking community. They are very active in promoting activities and programs that benefit all drivers.

  • Jeff Homles

  • Regular Customer
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Awesome company and great people !!! Be sure and check them out. They will take care of your DPF needs.

  • Dave Gore

  • DPF Customer
DPF Regeneration Home

DpfRegeneration is top notch. Great company to work with. They care about the trucking industry.

  • Scot Marone

  • Industry Partner
DPF Regeneration Home

Absolutely awesome people who care about Truckers.

  • Bill Weaver

  • DPF Customer
DPF Regeneration Home

I left this rating because I do think this is an excellent company that provides a phenomenal service. But more so I wanted to leave this rating because there is a certain person out there who is trying to fraudulently impune these fine people and their business. If you hear some of the lies this person is spreading don’t believe them. He is pursuing a personal vendetta against them. Support DPF…..they do great work and take very good care of their clients!!!

  • Joseph Lanno

  • DPF Customer


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