Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service


We Professionally clean and regenerate all diesel particulate filters and catalysts on the market for all applications

  • You will get back your filter, not an exchange, OR previously used filter with no documentation as to how long it was in service

  • Your filter will be tracked and data logged into our software system for the life of the filter

  • Your filter will receive 2 thermal regenerating cleanings to assure full air-flow and suggested manufacturers back-pressure to your filter

425 Harding Avenue
Stratford, CT 06615
203-549-8606 phone   /  800-634-3010 toll-free
203-502-2617 fax

  • DPF Regeneration.com will provide you with a Special Shipping Container, if needed

  • To certify the ash and soot removed from your filter was disposed of under current EPA Regulations, You will receive a "CERTIFICATE OF DISPOSAL"

  • You are being offered the most current and up to date cleaning and regenerating service available to receive the longest service life for your diesel particulate filters