Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service

425 Harding Avenue
Stratford, CT 06615
203-549-8606 phone   /  800-634-3010 toll-free
203-502-2617 fax

Regeneration Documents

  • Email notification indicating DPF's that are approaching your established maintenance program specification

  • Immediate notification that a previously regenerated DPF was returned to us for cleaning before your established maintenance program specification

  • A spreadsheet of all DPF regenerations documenting when, where, and how, the diesel particulate ash was disposed of, for future EPA concerns

  • An ongoing account of your DPF's regenerations to compare with other agencies systems for future vehicle specifications

  • Easy identification of DPF's that are reaching the end of their service life

  • Identification of DPF's that are experiencing a more severe service schedule

  • Yearly spreadsheet showing all DPF regeneration activity on CD or email